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Holy Spirit
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit foretold by Pentecost in the Feasts of the Lord.
Faith, Redemption, Sanctified, Spiritual Gifts, Walk in Spirit, Hope, Deliverance.
Born Again
Who God is. What salvation is. How to get born again.
What faith is. How to get faith. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
How to be led by the Spirit spiritually and practically. How to receive divine healing.
Be reconciled to God. Receive forgiveness, justification and sanctification for a new life.
Believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sin so that you may have righteousness and eternal life.
Your worldview leads you to believing in God. The gospel by faith is the foundation of salvation.
The basic ingredients composing what is needed to understand salvation's essentials.
Day of Lord
Sinful flesh leads astray. God's plan provides better.
Second Coming
Tribulation and the Second Coming culminate in the end.
Kingdom of God
Prophecy told about the transpiring of events that are taking place in these last days.