Apple Blossom Enterprises (1990-2021)
The initials of Apple Blossom Enterprises are ABE. I grew up in Lincolnwood, Illinois in the "Land of [Abraham] Lincoln." Also, Abraham is recognized by Jews as the "Father of Faith." God said go "to the land which I will show you (Genesis 12:1)" so he "went forth as he was told (v.12:4)." In fact, Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying that God is the silent partner in any enterprise. Many years ago I came across a used Apple II+ (almost unheard of then) and started using Applesoft Basic. It wasn't much, but a person shouldn't look down on starting small (Zechariah 4:10). It's also pointed out that you can't get it done in a day (Nehemiah 4:2). However, perseverance pays (Job 8:7). So Applesoft has led to VB.Net, ASP.Net and to the remote parts of the earth (Acts 1:8). (2007-2021)
   •  Created a Web site which receives many visits/week worldwide.
   •  Provides links to book stores and articles by authors.
   •  Wrote 25 booklets which are accessible on the site:

The first booklet began with finding some World Missionary Press booklets in a storage room at a Christian TV station where I was volunteering. I had an idea to print my booklets on a personal computer and found a used Apple II+ computer on sale in a store, but felt that the time spent would detract from more important things. I waited and someone else bought it. But I prayed and revisited the store and it had been returned. I purchased it, started using Applesoft Basic, printed booklets, and even had a booth for it at a conference which let to representing WMP there. In a Christian bookstore I asked to place the booklets on a shelf with their tracts. Some women were listening and asked if I'd like to attend their Christian Writers of North Idaho club meetings. They suggested I publish my booklet but I said I wasn't even a Bible school graduate. Then I found where it could be published, but didn't have the funds. Next, a week later my mother sent me some proceeds from selling a house. The publisher asked me a question regarding a Greek/Hebrew translation so I thought I should back out, but they already knew the answer and said it was a good book. This shows that what is initially on your heart is probably from God. Then if you walk in faith, God will lead by circumstances and with a peace about it. You do have to exercise your abilities but God gives you the strength.

     ~  The Baptism of the Holy Spirit (1990)
     ~  Be Born Again (John 3:3) (2008)
     ~  The Way to Go (Psalm 32:8) (2008)
     ~  Your Faith Heals You (Mark 5:34) (2009)
     ~  Matthew 5:32 vs. 1 Corinthians 7:28 (2009)
     ~  Faith Overcomes the World (1 John 5:4) (2010)
     ~  Divine Nature & Attributes of God (Ro 1:20) (2010)
     ~  God Delivers & Translates (Da 6:27;Col 1:13) (2010)
     ~  Salvation Essentials (2011)
     ~  'Messiah the Prince' (Da 9:25) (2012)
     ~  Jesus Sends You! (John 20:21) (2012)
     ~  What Is Now (Rev 1:19) (2012)
     ~  A Propitiation in His Blood (Ro 3:25) (2015)
     ~  Reconciling the World to Himself (2Co 5:19) (2015)
     ~  The Day of Reckoning (Isaiah 2:12) (2015)
     ~  The Day of His Coming (Malachi 3:2) (2015)
     ~  The Will of God Your Sanctification (1Th 4:3) (2015)
     ~  The Gospel is the Power of God (Romans 1:16) (2015)
     ~  Word of the Cross is to us Salvation (1 Corinthians 1:18) (2015)
     ~  Receive Forgiveness of Sins (Acts 26:18) (2016)
     ~  He gave Himself as a Ransom for All (1 Timothy 2:6) (2016)
     ~  Salvation Essentials + (2016)
     ~  Be Diligent Until the End (Hebrews 6:11) (2017)
     ~  In the Cause of Christ (Php 1:13) (2018)
     ~  Salvation Solutions (2019)
     ~  Overcome Depression (2020)
     ~  Jesus Is Blessed Hope (2021)
     ~  Jesus Protects You (2022)
     ~  Afterlife Choices (2022)
     ~  Believe in Healing (2022) online Bible Studies
   •  When you follow what is genuinely on your heart it is equivalent to God's guidance. The included summary of ABEnterprises documents this. Also, the included list of booklets written and registered with the Library of Congress illustrates this. Teaching should be promulgated so was created for it to be read from the Internet. Furthermore many people only get exposed to Bible study on Sunday at church. Therefore was created for students to study on their own computer. They are also available for sale at

   • Represent World Missionary Press which prints and distributes booklets in 346 languages. Built displays.
      Created WMP mini-newsletters and missions tracts.
      Sent mailings to over 2600 churches in eleven Western states.
   •  Spokane Christian Workers Conference (1990-2005)
   •  Missions Fest Seattle (2007)
   •  Whitworth Missions Fair (2009-2016)
   •  Created a booth at a Christian conference. Demonstrated how to print tracts for witnessing using an Apple computer.
   •  Created an Apple mailing list application used to process contacts at a Christian county fair booth.
   •  Created an Apple meal ticket sales application used at a Christian summer camp.
   •  Created two 30 minute Apple graphics presentations which a children's evangelism organization displays at malls and fairs.
   •  Produced a newsletter with Apple desktop publishing software for missionaries to the Philippines.

Church Book Store (1978-1988)
    Created a tape lending library. Duplicated tapes and sold books and records.

Bible School Courses:
   • Whitworth University (2008-11)
   • Berean University (A/G) (20012-20)
  ~  (BIB212-6) New Testament
  ~  (BIB214-6) Old Testament
  ~  (BIB1013-3) Old Testament Survey
  ~  (BIB1023-3) New Testament Survey
  ~  (BIB112-5) Synoptic Gospels: The Life and Teachings of Christ
  ~  (BIB115-6) Acts: The Holy Spirit at Work in the Believer
  ~  (BIB117-5) Prison Epistles
  ~  (BIB121-6) Introduction to Hermeneutics
  ~  (BIB215-6) Romans: Justification by Faith
  ~  (BIB260-4) I Corinthians
  ~  (BIB316-5) Geography of the Holy Land
  ~  (BIB318-5) The Pentateuch
  ~  (BIB322-5) The Poetic Books
  ~  (MIN123-5) The Local Church in Evangelism
  ~  (MIN171-5) A Spirit-Empowered Church
  ~  (MIN181-5) Ethics and Relationships
  ~  (THE114-5) Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine
  ~  (THE211-5) Introduction to Theology: A Pentecostal Perspective
  ~  (THE221-4) Systematic Theology I
  ~  (THE221-4) Systematic Theology II
  ~  (THE245-5) Eschatology: A Study of Things to Come
  ~  (THE311-5) Prayer and Worship
   • Bible and Doctrine Diploma (2021-Berean U.)