Bible School Courses:
   • Whitworth University (2008-11)
   • Berean University (A/G) (20012-20)
  ~  (BIB212-6) New Testament
  ~  (BIB214-6) Old Testament
  ~  (BIB1013-3) Old Testament Survey
  ~  (BIB1023-3) New Testament Survey
  ~  (BIB112-5) Synoptic Gospels: The Life and Teachings of Christ
  ~  (BIB115-6) Acts: The Holy Spirit at Work in the Believer
  ~  (BIB117-5) Prison Epistles
  ~  (BIB121-6) Introduction to Hermeneutics
  ~  (BIB215-6) Romans: Justification by Faith
  ~  (BIB260-4) I Corinthians
  ~  (BIB316-5) Geography of the Holy Land
  ~  (BIB318-5) The Pentateuch
  ~  (BIB322-5) The Poetic Books
  ~  (MIN123-5) The Local Church in Evangelism
  ~  (MIN171-5) A Spirit-Empowered Church
  ~  (MIN181-5) Ethics and Relationships
  ~  (THE114-5) Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine
  ~  (THE211-5) Introduction to Theology: A Pentecostal Perspective
  ~  (THE221-4) Systematic Theology I
  ~  (THE221-4) Systematic Theology II
  ~  (THE245-5) Eschatology: A Study of Things to Come
  ~  (THE311-5) Prayer and Worship
   • Bible and Doctrine Diploma (2021-Berean U.)