The initials of Apple Blossom Enterprises are ABE. I grew up in Lincolnwood, Illinois in the "Land of [Abraham] Lincoln." Also, Abraham is recognized by Jews as the "Father of Faith." God said go "to the land which I will show you" (Genesis 12:1) so he "went forth as he was told" (:4). In fact, Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying that God is the silent partner in any enterprise.

The first booklet began with finding some World Missionary Press scripture booklets in a storage room at a Christian TV station where I was volunteering. I had an idea to print my booklets on a personal computer and found a used Apple II+ computer on sale in a store, but felt the time spent would detract from more important things. I waited and someone else bought it. But I prayed and revisited the store and it had been returned. I purchased it, started using Applesoft Basic, printed booklets, and even had a booth for it at a conference which led to representing WMP there. It wasn't much, but a person shouldn't look down on starting small (Zechariah 4:10). It's also pointed out that you can't get it done in a day (Nehemiah 4:2). However, perserverance pays (Job 8:7). So Applesoft has led to VB.Net, ASP.Net and to the remote parts of the earth (Acts 1:8).

In a Christian bookstore I asked to place the booklets on a shelf with their tracts. Some women were listening and asked if I'd like to attend their Christian Writers of North Idaho club meetings. They suggested I publish my booklet but I said I wasn't even a Bible school graduate. Then I found where it could be published, but didn't have the funds. Next, a week later my mother sent me some proceeds from selling a house. The publisher asked me a question regarding a Greek/Hebrew translation so I thought I should back out, but they already knew the answer and said it was a good book. This shows that what is initially on your heart is probably from God. Then if you walk in faith, God will lead by circumstances and with a peace about it. You do have to exercise your abilities but God gives you the strength.