Low Motivation

Recovery will take a different approach. "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but the counsel of the Lord, it will stand" (Proverbs 19:21). If you are genuinely depressed then grandiose plans are beyond your capabilities. "The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps" (16:9). You need to take it one step at a time. Even taking a step can be baffling. You still have responsibilities but multi-tasking may be too difficult. The old saying "necessity is the mother of invention" applies. Deep in your heart man believes" (Romans 10:10). If you know in your heart something needs to be done then your mind won't mislead you. You can feel confident and at rest when you take that step. God does "enlarge my steps under me" (Psalm 18:36).

Accomplishing each manageable task satisfies. But if too much is attempted it disappoints. Its easy to become disappointed. Self-condemnation may result leading to thoughts of suicide. At the state employment office they interview a person before they send him out to a job interview. They want to determine if the applicant is qualified and don't want to waste the employer's time. But just as importantly they know that a person will become disappointed if he gets rejected for one job after another. You know the old saying "variety is the spice of life." Vary your activities and do things differently where applicable because one of the contributors to your depression may be too rigid a mind set and expecting too much of yourself. Read the essay on guidance on this Web site.